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Did you find your dream apartment but is not the perfect time? Don't worry! With FastBuy, we buy it for you with only an 5% payday advance!

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How can I request a FastBuy offer?

It's easy! Enter the address of your desired apartment, answer some questions and we will send you some proposals.

Is there any cost to get FastBuy offer?

It doesn't cost you anything. It's very simple, you tell us what you want and we try to come up with some apartment proposals for you.

In what cities does Casta buy apartments?

Casta services are available only in Bucharest.

What type of properties is Casta buying?

Casta is a platform that is focusing on buying and selling apartments. We want to generate competitive market offers and supply an excellent experience to our customers, which is why we have established a strict criteria regarding the types of properties that we buy and the areas we operate.
Due to market conditions, our purchase criteria may change at any time. Contact us if you would like more information about our process.

What type of apartments is Casta buying?

We usually buy apartments valued between 40k and 150k euros, usually built after 1980, but this may vary depending on the market evolution. To find out if your apartment qualifies, request a free and no-obligation offer now.


With InstaBuy, homeowners have now a digital solution for selling apartments in a very short time, based on a fair assessment of the existing offers on the market and based on pre-established criteria.


Casta launches the InstaBuy service and becomes the first online platform in Romania to buy your apartment. The owners from Bucharest receive an offer for their apartment in only 3 days.


The iBuyer concept is a new element for the European market and tried to adapt the operating model for the local market based mainly on information from the USA.

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The real estate platform which buys your apartment in just 3 days, after the model of the big iBuyers in the USA