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Apartament 3 Camere | 66m² | Militari
Construction year
1977 - 1990

€ 74,100

Apartament 1 camera | 31 mp | Dristor
Construction year
< 1977

€ 40,100

Apartament 2 Camere I 46m² I Rahova
Construction year
1977 - 1990

€ 46,100

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What's an iBuyer?
An iBuyer is a business which uses advanced technology to send a fast purchase offer for your apartment. This type of service represents an important change, in the way people sell their apartments, simplifying the entire sales process. The main benefits are the safety of a sales offer, with full payment and more control over the moment of moving out.

The iBuyer estimates the value of your apartment, based on the active offers in the market and sends an acquisition offer. Through the mutual consent of both parties, the iBuyer will buy, hold and resell the apartment.
How do I register?
Now, it’s easier than ever to invest in real estate. You have to complete the form on our website and then, shortly, one of our team members will contact you to complete the registration.
How does it work?
Very simple! You create an account on our platform, find an offer you like and press the “I’m interested” button. Afterwards, the purchasing process is assisted and fast. The sooner you act, you’ll get better deals.
What types of properties can I invest in?
On our website,, you will find only verified apartments, located in Bucharest with up to 4 rooms, 100% financeable, all located in the most popular areas of the city. Whether you want to buy an apartment for investment, to rent it or simply trying to find a new home, you will find suitable offers here.
Tell me more about the properties.
All properties are valued in real-time, based on our advanced technology and real-time analysis of comparables in over 200 pricing zones and with a complete market promotion history.

This way you will get access to apartments for which, with our technology, we have already determined the right price for you. With more than 6000 offers sent in the last two years, we guarantee you a real market price and a clear investment potential with every offer which you can find on our platform.