Become a Casta partner.
Find new opportunities!

Become a Casta partner.
Find new opportunities!


Steps for a successful collaboration:

1 Contact us by phone at 0317104225 for full details
2 You have exclusivity for Casta properties
3 Câștigi comision garantat la vânzare

Partener Casta

Acces la portofoliul de proprietăți calificate, verificate și evaluate, cu un comision garantat de 1.5%
Îți programezi singur vizionările cu proprii clienți și nu depinzi de programul nostru - primești cheia apartamentelor alocate
Materiale profesionale pentru promovarea proprietăților
Suport din partea echipei Casta în tot procesul de vânzare-cumpărare
You have access to all the details
Partener Casta



How do I become a Casta partner?
If you are a real estate agent and you want new properties in your portfolio, call us at 0317104225 for full details on how you can become a Casta partner. A colleague will give you all the details about how it works, properties, and commissions.
What properties will be allocated to me?
You will have access to:
Exclusive offers - 1,5% commission
Non-exclusive offers - you set the commission
How do I set up property visits?
After you'll be assigned a property, you will find on its details, the "Schedule viewing" button. Click on the button and you can choose the right date and time for you. The seller will be notified of your interest by phone and by email. You will receive by email the seller's response for viewing.
Can I receive an InstaBuy offer for my clients?
Yes, you can request an InstaBuy offer for any property located in Bucharest, and you'll receive an answer in 3 days.
Can I add properties from my portfolio?
All properties from your portfolio will be promoted for free on


With InstaBuy, homeowners have now a digital solution for selling apartments in a very short time, based on a fair assessment of the existing offers on the market and based on pre-established criteria.


Casta launches the InstaBuy service and becomes the first online platform in Romania to buy your apartment. The owners from Bucharest receive an offer for their apartment in only 3 days.


The iBuyer concept is a new element for the European market and tried to adapt the operating model for the local market based mainly on information from the USA.

the Trends

The real estate platform which buys your apartment in just 3 days, after the model of the big iBuyers in the USA