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Casta nu este o agenție imobiliară tradițională care intermediază vânzarea apartamentelor, ci este chiar cumpărătorul direct al proprietăților pe care le ofertează.

Am redus și digitalizat procesul de vânzare-cumpărare al unui apartament.

Cu peste 7300 de oferte trimise în ultimii doi ani, îți oferim garanția unui preț real de piață cu fiecare ofertă pe care o găsești pe platforma noastră.

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I sold with Casta very quickly. I contacted them and they visited us immediately. In one week I received the money, thank you and I warmly recommend you.

Vasilica P.

Everything went very fast, I sold my apartment in about a week and I highly recommend you to access the site.

Marina C.

My experience with Casta was a very good one, the offer was correct, the payment was made quickly, minimal risks and I would like to thank them in this way.

Silviu G.

My experience with Casta was a pleasant surprise from the first moment until the end of the transaction. The collaboration was treated with seriousness and professionalism. Casta team is made up of quality PEOPLE with whom you enjoy interacting and trading.

Owner, Militari

I highly recommend Casta. After a long time lost and dozens of unsuccessful viewings, I found out about Casta and the whole sale process became easy. They offered a fair price and our collaboration went extraordinarily well.

Codruț C.

We had a good collaboration with the Casta team! I was surprised by the ability they understand customer needs. We encountered some legal problems during the transaction, which led to the extension of the pre-contract, but Casta understood the situation. Do not hesitate, you will have professionalism, logistical support and understanding!

Owner, Eroii Revolutiei

The process of buying the apartment with Casta was quick and professional. I recommend them for promptness, assistance and guidance to find satisfactory solutions in any situation.

Laura V.

When I completed the InstaBuy application at Casta, I didn't even hope that in a week I would have the apartment sold and the money in my account. I recommend Casta with all confidence, they are professional, serious team and they offered me the right price.

Lavinia F.
Owner, Colentina

Thank you very much, everything was respected as we agreed in contract and you were very understanding.Thank you again!

Owner, Racoviță

We were extremely happy with the collaboration, everything went very quickly. They are professional.

Owner Basarabia area

Everything went fast, as promised.


You proved that you are a team of professionals! I was very pleased with the services provided by Casta!



Cosmin C.,

Am cumpărat un apartament prin Casta, au fost foarte profesioniști , m-au ajutat cum nu așteptam să mă ajute o firmă care face tranzacții imobiliare. Vă mulțumesc, vă apreciez și vă recomand ori de câte ori am ocazia.

Ana A.,
cumpărător apartament zona Titan

Quick time of sale, quick time of receiving money, good communication with clients, fair play from the legal point of view, professionalism in the way the company operates from the point of view of marketing and internal organization. I will gladly recommend them. Yes, I am satisfied for interacting with Casta.

Alexandra P.,


Paul C.,
cumpărător apartament zona Ghencea


With InstaBuy, homeowners have now a digital solution for selling apartments in a very short time, based on a fair assessment of the existing offers on the market and based on pre-established criteria.


Casta launches the InstaBuy service and becomes the first online platform in Romania to buy your apartment. The owners from Bucharest receive an offer for their apartment in only 3 days.


The iBuyer concept is a new element for the European market and tried to adapt the operating model for the local market based mainly on information from the USA.

the Trends

The real estate platform which buys your apartment fast, after the model of the big iBuyers in the USA


What is an iBuyer?

To sell your apartment to Casta, all you have to do is to apply for a free offer from our website. Requesting a Casta offer is quick and easy, with no obligation to sell. Enter the address of the property, answer some quick questions, upload photos / videos and based on these details we will generate an offer.

Is there any related cost?

There is no cost for you in getting an offer from Casta. It's very simple: request a free offer directly from our website, we will evaluate your property based on the information that you provide and in 3 days you will receive a non-binding offer for sale.

In what cities does Casta buy apartments?

Casta services are available only Bucharest.

What type of properties is Casta buying?

Casta is a platform that is focusing on buying and selling apartments. We want to generate competitive market offers and supply an excellent experience to our customers, which is why we have established a strict criteria regarding the types of properties that we buy and the areas we operate.

Due to market conditions, our purchase criteria may change at any time. Contact us if you would like more information about our process.

What kind of apartments is Casta buying?

We usually buy apartments valued between 40k and 150k euros, usually built after 1980, but this may vary depending on the market evolution. To find out if your apartment qualifies, request a free and no-obligation offer now.

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